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About Us

Marlateks Tekstil Teknolojisi A.S. was founded in 1995 as a producer dyes and chemicals for textile, leather, coating, painting industries.

We are hi-tech company specializing in industry and textile chemicals. Our management focuses on providing customized services and products with personalized attention to each of our clients, developing mutual beneficial business with customers, and seeking a reliable cooperation with foreign and domestic partners.

The foundation, on which our company was built and remains developing, is simply the best quality, the best service and long-term business relationship

  • General purpose reactors
  • 100.000 litres/day
  • Stainless steel universal reactors 6.000 – 12.000 litres
  • Pilot reactors 2 – 50 litres
  • Temperature 20-250°
  • Solution Polymerisation
  • Polycondensation
  • Emulsion Polymerisation
  • Esterification
  • Saponification
  • Alkylation
  • Metalic Sulphonation
  • Quaternisation
  • Amination
  • Phosphonisation
  • Blending

Origin of “Marla”

Marlateks shareholders have originated from the area named Akseki, also called by its antique name Marla, where it is located at the southwest region of Turkey. The characteristics of our community are those we bear with pride throughout our lives. Since the town was located on the intersection of some of the oldest trade routes, including "Silk Road Connection" the people quickly learned to take advantage of the trading opportunities and learn from the merchants coming through Akseki. The residents have developed the deep knowledge from the stream of merchants who passed through, no matter what they trade. Learning to adapt to various trades, cultures, and educational backgrounds enabled the people of Akseki to survive for hundreds of years in this secluded and small community. The unique characteristics of the people of Akseki are; accuracy, hardworking, precision, honesty.

Innovation center

Marla R&D team provides tests services in textile, leather, pulp & paper, plastic and mining according to international standards. Our R&D works add new products to our portfolio every day and contribute to the growth of company. By using innovative technologies, we offer choices which meet every specific need and capable of responding to any kind of needs.

We provide flexible options in different sectors about products with our knowledge and experienced team. We share our experience with our customers and provide unique solutions.

Our aim is helping you about improve production efficiency and contribute to your success.

Logistics in Marla

Marla is inspired by values such as communication, innovation, focusing on results and proactive behaviour constantly focused on business success.

Marla is located in central place to prevent their customer’s inventory cost, shorten delivery times, reduce transport costs and customs.

Marla aims to provide convenience to customers proper storage, packing and transport methods due to importance the cost of transport and storage in today's market


ITMA Barcelona 22- 29 September 2011

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DTG09 Bangladesh 08-11 February 2009

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ITCE11 Egypt 28 February- 02 March 2008

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MATEX07 Syria 14 - 18 November 2007

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ITMA07 Germany 13-20 September 2007

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MATEX Syria 06 - 10 December 2006

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ITCE10 Egypt 9-12 November 2006

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MATEX2004 Syria 7-11 October 2004

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Quality Policy

At the core of Marlateks’s Quality Policy are the following principles:
- To give priority to business ethics and social values over business
- To analyze Internal and External issues having effects on achievement of our targets and to approach systematic risks proactively and use opportunities
- To document and continuously improve our Quality Management System to comply with the ISO 9001 standart requirements
- To build the quality awareness in all employees
- To give applied training and provide sustainability of qualified personnel
- To comply with Laws and Regulations in effect unconditionally during our process activities
- To provide keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in the products and services, effectively managing customer feedback
- To creat a quality management system that aims at timely delivery and continuous improvement by effective use of resources by eliminating non-value-added transactions
- Not to compromise from quality of products and services under no conditions