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Our Products

Our Products

  • Textile Auxiliaries

    Textile Auxiliaries


    Sequestering Agents
    Detergents , Scouring , and Wetting Agents
    Bleaching Agents


    Dispersing and Sequestering Agents
    pH Regulating / Bu_ering / Alkali and Acid Donors
    Wetting Agents , Deaerators , Padding Auxiliaries
    Levelling Agents / Dye Carriers
    Anticrease Agents
    Aftertreatment Agents
    Defoamers / Anti-back Staining Agent / Sizing Agent


    Water and Oil Repellent agents
    Wash and Wear Finishing
    Weighting Agents
    Antistatic Agents
    Sanforizing Agents
    pH regulating agents


    Cellulose Optical brightening agents
    Polyester Optical brightening agents
    Polyamide Optical brightening agents
    Polyacrylic Optical brightening agents


    Antiperoxide Enzymes
    Antipilling Enzymes
    Scouring Enzymes
    Desizing Enzymes
    Stonewash Enzymes

  • Concentrates and Raw Materials For Formulators

    Concentrates and Raw Materials For Formulators

    Concentrated products are simply less-watered-down versions of the product, giving you more of what you are paying for and less water, and using less packaging. If you ‘concentrate’ a little more on what you buy, our environment will be much healthier.

  • Defoamers


    Defoamers are used in many industrial processes and products: wood pulp, paper, paint, industrial wastewater treatment, food processing, oil drilling, machine tool industry, oils cutting tools, hydraulics, etc

    Silicone Based Defoamers

    Oil Based Defoamers

    Water Based Defoamers

    Eo/Po Based Defoamers


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  • Paints an Pigment Additives

    Paints and Pigment Additives

    In the paint manufacturing, many chemical additives are used to build and stabilize the interaction between pigments, fillers, extenders, latexes and water. Marlateks today produces and markets one of the widest range of additives suitable for this field, thanks to Its leading technologies and decades spent in development close to customer’s requirements.

    Dispersants & Wetting


    Antifoam agents and defoamers

    Wetting and dispersant agents



    Water repellents



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  • Ceramics Chemicals

    Ceramics Chemicals

    In ceramic processing, chemical additives make an important contribution to the processing of different raw materials in order to achieve reproducible results and manufacture high quality products via the technological steps of preparation, shaping, glazing and decorating.

    The requirements are high, therefore our range of additives is being continually developed and optimized according to the demands of our customers

    Today the standard programme of Marlateks  includes various specialty products for the ceramics and powder metallurgical industry, which are applied in the individual technological steps, e. g. adjusting defined rheological properties, or for dispersing, plasticizing and binding.

    Antifoam agents

    Fluidising agents, deflocculants and dispersants

    Binders-rheological modifiers

    Binders for the granulation of glazes

    Mediums for traditional screen printing

    Mediums for engraved roll printing machine

    Fixing agents

    Wetting agents



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  • Pulp and Paper Chemicals

    Pulp and Paper Chemicals

    All our products for the pulp and paper chemical industry are fully tested in our laboratories, and fully meet or exceed international quality standards.

    Anionic trash catchers

    Dispersant agents

    Wet strength resins

    Antifoam and defoamers

    Yankee coatings

    Retantion aids

    Releasing agents

    Optical brighteners

    De-inking chemicals

    Softeners for paper


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  • Leather Auxiliaries

    Leather Auxiliaries

    We are specised in all process in leather chemicals. We offer a wide range of products and quality services application areas in leather manufacturing.

    Wetting agent

    Degreasing agent and emulsifiers

    Tanning and retanning agents

    Finishing products

    Special agents

    Bactericide / Fungicide

  • Mining Chemicals

    Mining Chemicals

    A wide range of reagents and services to the mining industry throughout the world.

    Mineral processing

    Coagulating agents

    Wetting agents

    Grinding aids


    Filter aids

    Fertilizer additives

    Anti-Caking agents

    Anti-Dust aids

    Granulation aids

    Wetting agents


    Anionic Flotation Reagents

    Cationic Flotation Reagents


    Frothing & Foaming Chemicals


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  • Detergent and Homecare Chemicals

    Detergent and Homecare Chemicals

    A common drawback of previous detergents was their need for high temperatures and large quantities of detergent agents to remove dirt, with the associated environmental burden due to high consumption of energy and resources

    Our specialty products contribute to the more effectively removal of grease and dirt at low temperatures. They keep whites dazzling and produce an equal or even better laundry performance with a small dose. It also cuts down on phosphates and standard surfactants.

    Anionic / nonionic / cationic surfactant



    Polymer based dispersing agents


    Soil release agents



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  • Plasticizers


    Plasticizers are used in many different applications, including films, cables and ducts, coatings, flooring, hoses and profiles. Even sensitive applications such as toys, medical equipment, sports and leisure equipment, and food packaging.

    Our plasticizers help make numerous products flexible. At the same time, they ensure reliable protection against bad weather and extreme temperatures, helping the products to last longer, function better and maintain their value.


    Polyester plasticizers and adipates

    Polymeric plasticizers

    Benzoic acid esters

    Epoxidized oils and esters


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  • Silicones


    Silicones cover a wide field in the modern chemical industry. Wherever classic products meet physical limitations it is possible to find an alternative with silicones. Remarkable features of silicones are inter alia particularly high temperature stability, good lubricating properties, excellent soft grip or good hydrophobizing.

    Marlateks offers solutions to the rubber and plastics industry, for textile and leather applications and for the manufacture of polishes, care products, laggings and polyurethanes, areas which call for the high quality of silicones.

    Below you may see our continuously improved and enlarged list of our silicones.



    Paints, Printing inks and coatings

    Polyurethane additives

    Rubber additives

    Pulp and papers

    Personal cares

    Water treatments

    Metalworking / Lubricants / Industrial Maintenance


    Chemical and petrochemical industry


    Plastics / Polymers

  • Organo Silanes

    Organo Silanes

    We are agent of ONICHEM which was established in 2001. Please refer to for further details.

    Silanes (Onichem)

    A301: 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane, coupling agent, adhesion promoter

    A302: 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, coupling agents, adhesion promoter

    G301: 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane, coupling agent, adhesion promoter

    G301: 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane, coupling agent, adhesion promoter

    MTO: Methyltris(methylehylketoxime) silane, crosslinker

    VTO: Vinyltris(methylehylketoxime) silane, crosslinker

  • Surfactants


    We offer a wide range of tailor-made products to give fast and reliable solutions in surfactants.

    Nonionic tailor made alcohol ethoxylates/propoxylates (trading)

    Phosphate esters



    Benzyl Chloride Quaternaries



    Amine Condensates/Quaternaries


    Oleates/Stearates/TallatesPhosphate Esters





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  • Asphalt Additives

    Asphalt Additives

    Our products are specific asphalt formulations, we offer a selection of products, contributing different functionalities.



    Specialty Additives


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  • Plastic Additives

    Plastic Additives

    Our products aid in the processing of plastics by increasing melt strength, heat stability and lubricity thereby enabling plastics processors to achieve greater output rates and increased efficiency without loss of quality.


    Dispersion agents


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  • Biocides and Disinfectants
  • Water Treatment Chemicals

    Water Treatment Chemicals




    Scale inhibitors



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  • Aviation Chemicals

    Aviation Chemicals

    Cleaning and maintenance chemicals


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  • Polyols


    Marlateks offers a broad portfolio of conventional and high-performance polyols. For a wide variety of construction, packaging and recreation applications, including energy-efficient thermal insulation and structural panels and more.


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